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TP Analytics is well experienced at designing and delivering Global transfer pricing documentation that is cogent, practical, defensible, timely, and compliant with the ever-evolving local guidance on TP documentation.

Valuation Analyses

Transfer pricing and Tax valuation requires a careful understanding of facts, risk profile, and perspective of both willing buyer and willing seller to the underlying transactions.

Transfer Pricing
Audit Support

Transfer pricing audits are where the rubber meets the road in Transfer Pricing. Transfer pricing audits can be highly contentious. TP Analytics has significant experience in defending and resolving transfer pricing audits.

Operational Transfer

Operational transfer pricing bridges policy and implementation. TP Analytics has deep experience in designing models that can turn complex transfer pricing policies ultimately into accounting speak of debits, credits, and journal entries.

Puerto Rico

Are you considering a move to Puerto Rico? Are you scratching your head as you navigate the complicated world of Transfer Pricing? We are here to help.